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Germany Gestalt

The members of Toytown Germany, a website dedicated to the English-speaking, ex-pat population of Germany, started a thread about what the outline of Germany looks like.

I guess after all that (good German) beer they’ve been drinking, they were bound to come up with some creative, free-flowing ideas.

And, needless to say, I couldn’t help myself and got carried away…

My first idea was childish and obvious.

What better to see in a country with a nebulous outline than a monster with a nebulous outline:

Germany Monster

With the monster in mind, a more concrete “monster” popped into my head. A “hund”, but not a “schweinhund.”


Germany Hund

I must have been “working” in a coffee shop that day. The music was playing, the groove was on; there was only one possible direction in which to go:

Germany Jimi

When the good music stopped, there was a momentary void.

This is always dangerous when dealing with Germany, for the absence of music allows the theme from Hogan’s Heroes to muscle it’s way in.

I know, I know, this one’s a stretch, and probably warrants an apology:

Germany WWI Helmet

That yellow dog near the beginning of this post must have triggered the Yellow synapses.

Germany-shape + Yellow = Bart.

Uh oh, more music in my head! The Siiiiimpsons

Germany Bart

In case you’re wondering:

Ich werde nie wieder bei Rot die Strasse ├╝berschreiten


I won’t ever cross the street again when the light is red

The Germans can be sticklers about this–they don’t want people setting a bad example for their kids, and they will give you a really sour look if you cross against the light in front of their children.

Finally, my favorite Germany shape idea: Deutschsteroids!

Germany Asteroids

If you’re still hungering for more, you can see what the “Toytowners” came up with by referring to this thread.

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