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4-color Magazine Collage Project

Don’t throw out recycle all those old magazines and advertisements just yet.

Turn them into colorful, decorative works of art, then toss the remains!

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Dumbest Song Lyrics

I need a place to vent on the stupid song lyrics.

This place is as good as any.

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Get it Through Your Thick Skull!

In moments of extreme daftness, this Dadism came through loud and clear!

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Wipe That Look Off Your Puss!

When we were kids, impending sassiness and a sour look on our faces, often brought this Dadism upon us.

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Where’s the Cops?

“Where’s the Cops” is Dad-speak for “Somebody needs to be arrested for being stupid or dangerous!”

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When we behave stupidly, Dad is good at highlighting it with a mild-mannered, non-profane, but well-deserved insult.

“Numbnutz” is often appropriate in times of absent-mindedness, and is one of my favorites.

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Advent Calendar Santa

You remember advent calendars, right?

They’re those boxes you get in December. They have 24 or 25 little doors with a chocolate or toy hiding behind each one. Each day you open one, and agonizingly mark the march towards Christmas day!

Well I had this chocolate Santa, and a box-knife, and got this idea…

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Christmas Card 2001

A car theme returned for 2001’s Christmas card. And the Firebird made a cameo.

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Christmas Card 2000

Back in 2000, I had a new toy. A 1969 Pontiac Firebird convertible.

Of course it had to be featured in that year’s Christmas card!

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Coloring Book Letters

Lettering is hard to do by hand, but coloring-in outlines of letters is easy, relaxing and  fun.

See how we blended modern technology and old-style handwork to get just the right mix of creative fun and quality.

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